Time to Retire From SEO



Since we are now at the point that some search results don’t have ANY* organic search results, it is not easy to see much purpose in SEO.

Maybe the doommasters who called SEO dead for more than a decade proved eventually proved right about SEO?

SEO is dead.

SEO was only ever a bug. And internet users mostly didn’t see when the lookup results turned into nothing but advertisements.

What’s going full circle. Ad heavy is bad to nothing but ads.

Webmasters are focusing so heavily on mobile-first that they are creating their desktop websites unusable…

. . .at the same time usability experts are now advocating making things harder to save humanity.

New modifications, new channels, new alternatives, new versions, new techniques.

I’ve chosen to have a break from SEO and therefore are transitioning into paid search, since obviously that’s the future of most search marketing.

I’ve shut our membership website down to new paid member accounts & canceled all paid subscriptions.

Perhaps it might be time for me to dust PPCblog and shift almost all of my blogging to over there.

In other words, if blogging nevertheless matters!

Going on an optimistic note, the great team at Bing lately shared a promotional code with me to offer new advertisers a complimentary $100 ad credit. Bing Ads clicks are a great value when compared against Google AdWords. You can access this coupon today via the next link:

For a limited time, receive $50 in free search advertising with Bing Ads* and begin tapping into millions of possible customers searching for products and services such as yours on your Bing Network.


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