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Only Make Good Content…

Keep in mind the whole shtick about legitimate, high-quality articles being created for readers without any difficulty to search engines – though search engines do not exist?

Whatever happened to this?

We quickly changed from the above”ideology” to this:

The red triangle/exclamation stage icon was arrived at after the Chrome team commissioned study around the world to figure out which symbols alerted users the most.

Search Engine Engineering Fear

Google is specifically spreading the message that they are doing testing about the best way to create maximum anxiety to attempt and control & coerce the ecosystem to match their needs and desires.

At the same time, the Google AMP job has been used as the foundation of effective phishing campaigns.

Off of using scare users HTTP websites AND host phishing attempts.

Killer job Google.

A person deserves a few stock choices & a raise. Unfortunately that individual is at the PR group, not the product group.

Ignore The Eye Chocolate, It Is Poisoned

I’d love to tell you I was preparing the launching of but recognition of past ecosystem changes makes me reluctant to make that movement.

I view it as arbitrary hoop skipping not worth the pain.

If you’re with no in the manner of idea, then jumping through the hoops an undifferentiated publisher make sense. But in the event you care about a subject and put a lot of work into understanding it well, there is no reason to do the arbitrary hoop jumping.

Recall mobilegeddon was going to be the biggest thing? I never upgraded our website design here we outrank a business which increased & spent 10s of millions of dollars for core industry terms like [seo tools that are ].

While it is also worth noting that after factoring in improved ad load with small screen sizes and also the scrape chart featured answer stuff, a #1 ranking no more has it done, as we’re well below the fold onto cellular.


Beneath the Fold = From Mind

From the above example I’m not whining about standing #5 and I rated #2, but instead stating that ranking #1 when it’s a few has little to no value screens down the webpage.

Google indicated that their penalty may apply to pop ups that appear on scroll, yet Google welcomes itself into installing a poisonous enhanced variant of their Diggbar in the top of AMP pages, which persistently eats 15% of their screen & can not be dismissed. An attempt to dismiss the bar leads the person back to Google to click on another listing other.

I was maybe being a bit too kind as awful as I could have made cellular search results look sooner. Google doesn’t even have bulk adoption of AMP yet & they already have 4 AdWords ads in their cellular search results AND when you scroll down the webpage they are testing an ugly”back to top” button which outright blocks a user’s view of their organic search results.

What happens when Google suggests where if you’re lucky you get a taste of the earnings what people should read next as an overlay on your articles & sells that as an advertisement unit?

Is it worth doing anything that makes your desktop website worse in an endeavor?

Given the small screen dimensions of phones & the advertising load that is hefty, the solution is no.

I understand that optimizing a website design for mobile or desktop is not mutually exclusive. However, it is an issue we will revisit later on within this post.

People new to SEO probably do not remember the importance of utilizing Google Checkout integration to AdWords advertising pricing.

You either supported Google Checkout & got about a 10 percent CTR elevator (& hence 10% decrease in click cost) or you failed to embrace it got priced out of the market on the margin difference.

And if you chose to adopt it, then the news was when the service was worth working for Google you were spending again to reverse it.

How about if Google first started hyping HTTPS & publishers using AdSense saw their ad revenue crash because the ads were no longer anywhere close as relevant.


Much like Google cared much, as it’s their wish to shift as much of this ad pay as they can on & YouTube.

Google is now testing merchandise ads on YouTube.

It’s not an accident that Google funds a ad blocker that enables advertisements to stream through on while leaving ads blocked across the remainder of the internet.

Android Pay may be worth integrating. But then it also may go off.

It could be similar to the authorship of Google. Hugely significant utterly insignificant.
Help people trust the content.
Then they’re distracting visual clutter that require expunged.
Then they once again re-appear but ONLY on the Google Home Service ad components.
They were once again great for customers!!!

Neat how that works.

Or it may be like Google Reader. A free service which defunded then & all competing products was closed down because it did not have a valid business model because of it being constructed explicitly to prevent competition. With Google reader’s passing many blogs slid into irrelevancy.

Their FeedBurner acquisition has been icing on this cake.

Techdirt is famous for usually being pro-Google and they recently summed FeedBurner up well:

Thanks, Google, For Fucking Over A Bunch Of Media Websites – Mike Masnick

Google is a business partner that is horrible.

And they’re a much worse one if there is not any contract.

Dumb Pipes, Dumb Partnerships

They tried their very best to force broadband providers to become dumb pipes. In the identical time they promoted regulation that will prevent broadband providers by monitoring their own users the way that Google does, all of the while broadening out Google’s privacy policy to permit personally identifiable internet tracking across their community . Once Google knew they’d retain an indefinite monitoring advantage over broadband suppliers they had been liberated to rescind their (heavily promoted ) free tier of Google Fiber and they halted the Google Fiber construct out.

When Google routinely behaves so anti-competitive & violent it’s not surprising that some of these”criteria” they propose go nowhere.

Before you adopt a soul of ambivalence into the avarice It is possible to only get screwed so many times.

Google is the kind of”spouse” that conducts security opposition research in their leading distribution partner, while handily blowing almost a billion OTHER Android telephones with present security problems that Google can not be bothered with patching.

Deliberately screwing direct business partners is much worse compared to programming calculations that belligerently punish some competing services all the time ignoring that the payday loan store financed by Google leverages doorway pages.

“User” Favorable

BackChannel lately published a post foaming in the mouth promoting the excitement of Google’s AI:

This 2016-to-2017 Transition will move us from programs which are explicitly taught to ones who implicitly learn.” … the engineers may constitute a rule to try against–for instance, that”normal” may indicate a place within a 10-minute driveway that you seen three times in the past six weeks. “It doesn’t matter what it’s – just make some rule,” says Huffman. “The machine learning starts then.

The Section of the article I found was the following bit:

Google needed a decent supply of phonemes that it might start doing things such as voice dictation. So it stopped the [phone information] service.

Google launches”complimentary” services using an ulterior data motive & then when it suits their requirements, they will shut it off and leave users in the cold.

What do you believe happens to your AMP content they’re currently hosting Since Google keeps progressing their AI? How much do they squeeze down on your payout percentage on those pages? How long before the AI is used to recap / rewrite articles? What revenue can you get when Google offers voice answers pulled out of your content however sends you no visitor?

The Numbers Can’t Work

A New Wall Street Journal article highlighting the fast ad revenue growth at Google & Facebook also mentioned the way the wider online marketing ecosystem was doing:

Facebook and Google collectively garnered 68 percent of spending U.S. online marketing in the next quarter–bookkeeping for all of the expansion, Mr. Wieser stated. When excluding those two companies, earnings generated by additional players at the U.S. digital ad market shrank 5%

The problem is NOT that online advertising has stalled, but rather from tasting any of their revenue development, that their partners have choked . This Issue Is Only Going to get worse because mobile develops to a larger share of total online advertising:

By 2018 of Google’s net ad revenues worldwide will come from online ad placements.

Media businesses keep trusting greater influence over their small organization & these platforms to that these platforms maintain screwing those exact companies .

You pay to have enjoys, but this is no more enough because edgerank declines. Thank you for embracing Instant Articles, however, users might rather see live videos & read articles in their buddies . You are advised to cover to market. The bigger your audience, the longer we’ll bill you! Your guide competitors, and also oh can utilize people liking your business within an advertising team.

Worse yet, Facebook & Google are partnering on core Internet infrastructure.

Any expectation of AMP turning the corner to the earnings front is a”no move”:

“We want to push the ecosystem forward, but of course these things don’t occur overnight,” Mr. Gingras stated. “The aim of AMP is to get it drive more revenue for publishers compared to non-AMP pages. We’re not there yet“.

Publishers that are most critical of AMP were hesitant to talk about their frustrations, or to eliminate their AMP content. 1 executive said he would not comment on the record for anxiety that Google would”turn some knob that hurts the company.”

Look at this.

Direction through fear once more.

At least they are consistent.

As publishers embrace AMP, each publisher in the program may get a smaller share of the overall pie.

Look at Google results due to their partners. They maintain showing Google increasing their advertising clicks at 20% to 40% while partners socialize between -15% and +5percent after quarter, year after year.

Previously quarter Google climbed their ad clicks 42 percent YoY by pushing a whole lot of YouTube car play video ads, faster search expansion in third world economies using cheaper advertisement prices, forcing a bunch of lower quality mobile search advertising clicks (with 3 then 4 ads on mobile) & raising the percentage of advertising clicks “own brand” phrases (whereas sending the FTC after anybody who agrees to not cross bidding on rival’s brands).

The lower quality video advertisements & cellular ads subsequently drove their CPC in their websites down YoY.

The partner network is comparatively squeezed out using a 14% YoY decline, on cellular, making it shocking to find the partner CPC than Google.

What ends up happening is finally the media outlets get satisfactorily defunded to where they’re offered for a song at a firm. Alibaba purchasing SCMP is akin to Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post.

The Wall Street Journal lately laid off reporters. The New York Times announced that they had been cutting back neighborhood cultural & crime coverage.

The machine has failed if news organizations of the caliber can not get the numbers to work.

The Guardian is incinerating more than 5 million pounds per month. ABC is staging bogus crime scenes (that is 1 way to find a private ).

The Tribune Company, through insolvency & possibly the majority of many intends to publish thousands of AI assisted auto-play videos in their articles every day. That will guarantee their user experience on their own owned & managed websites is worse than virtually anywhere else their material becomes dispersed, which then means they are not just competing against themselves however they’re making their own site absolutely redundant and also a chore to use.

That the Denver Guardian (an utterly fake paper running fearmongering false stories) goes viral is just icing on this cake.

Lots of Facebook users want to associate to things and people that confirm their opinions, whether they are accurate. … Giving people what they wish to view will draw more focus than creating them work for it, in quite the identical way that making news up is cheaper and more rewarding than ever reporting the truth. – Ben Thompson

These tech companies are literally reshaping society and are sucking the life from the market , ruining adjacent markets & bulldozing regulatory concerns, all while equaling prices onto everybody else around them.

The majority of the American fantasy is really a purple problem, obscured by red or blue lenses that are entirely blue. Its cultural and economic origins are all indicative, a mixture of private sector, government, community and personal failings. However, the deepest origin is that our radically shriveled feeling of”we” … Until we treat the millions of kids across America as our own kids, we’ll cover a major financial cost, and speak of this American dream will increasingly seem cynical historical fiction.

And to murdering the middle course, the solution, is to kill the course:

An FTC report advocated suing Google to their anti-competitive practices, however no suit was brought. The US Copyright Office Register was relieved of her job afterwards she went against Google’s views on set top boxes. Years past many people saw where that was headed:

“This really is a major affront to copyright,” said songwriter and music writer Dean Kay. “Google appears to be getting over the globe – and politics… Their main position is to let themselves use copyright material without remuneration. If the Copyright Office mind is towing the Google line, creators are going to get hurt.”

Singer Don Henley said Pallante’s ouster was”an great blow” to artists. “She had been a champion of copyright and also stood up for the creative community, that is one of the things which got her fired,” he explained. … [Pallante’s replacement] Hayden”includes a very long history of being an activist librarian who is anti-copyright along with a librarian who worked in locations funded by Google.”

And Despite the rising importance of technology media coverage of this Business is a trainwreck:

That is what it is like to be a tech reporter in 2016. Freebies are but real access is scant. Companies like Google and Facebook are distributors of journalistic job, which means newsrooms progressively rely on tech giants to reach readers.

Being a conduit strains exclusives. Tough the grand narrative has one blackballed.

Mobile Lookup Index

Google declared they are releasing a mobile first search index:

Although our search index will continue to be a single indicator of websites and apps, our algorithms will finally mostly use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from this website , to comprehend organized information, and also to show snippets from those pages in our results. Naturally, while our index will be constructed from documents, we’re going to continue to construct a great search experience for most customers, while they come from devices that are desktop or mobile.

There are a number of types of articles that don’t work well on a 350 pixel screen, unless they use a pinch to zoom arrangement. But using this format is viewed as not being portable friendly.

Imagine you’ve got an auto part database which lists alternative part numbers, price, stock status, closest store with a part in stock, time to delivery, etc…. it is exceptionally tough to find that information to appear good on a mobile device. And decent luck if you would like to incorporate sorting features on a table.

The theory because users might discover something that’s only available on the desktop version of a website, that using the desktop edition of a page to rate mobile results is faulty is a valid point. BUT, at the identical time, a writer may want to simplify the site & hide data to increase usability then allow data that is specific to become visible through user interactions. By leaving gaps in the research 26, not showing these component databases to desktop users would ultimately make search outcomes. And a search engine because there’s a version, choosing to not index a site’s version is short term. Desktop users would no longer have the ability to discover & compare information.

Once more money drives search”relevancy” signals.

Since Google will soon make 3/4 of their ad revenues on cellular that must be the primary view of the web for everyone else & alternate versions of sites which are not mobile friendly ought to be disappeared in the search index if a crappier lite mobile-friendly variant of the page is available.

Amazon converts on mobile part because folks trust Amazon & already have an account registered with them. Most other merchants won’t be able to convert at anywhere near also of a rate on mobile as they perform on background, so in the event you need to pick between using a mobile friendly version that renders distinguished aspects concealed or a destkop friendly variant that is differentiated & establishes a relationship with the consumer, the more profound & more participating desktop variant is the way to go.

The heavy ad load on search results simply further combine with the low conversion rates on mobile that far more significant.

Even TripAdvisor is currently struggling to monetize cellular traffic, monetizing it the rate they monetize desktop traffic. Google currently owns most the gains from this market.

Than going friendly in a way that compromises the capacity of their desktop site webmasters are going mobile friendly.

I’m not the only one suggesting an mobile design that carries over to your desktop website is a losing proposition. Consider Nielsen Norman Group’s shoot :

In the current world of responsive layout, we have seen a tendency towards data density and simplifying websites so that they work well on small displays but on screens.

Tracking Users

Publishers are becoming squeezed to subsidize the key net ad networks. But the narrative is that as cross-device tracking improves a few of those benefits will gradually melt out into the partner network.

I am rather skeptical of this theory.

Facebook already makes 84 percent of their ad revenue from cellular devices where they’ve got good user information.

They are paying to deliver new types of content onto their platform, but they are only just now beginning to get around to try pricing their Audience Network traffic centered on quality.

Priorities are based on business goals and objectives.

Both Google & Facebook paid fines & confronted public backlash for how they track users. Those monitoring programs were considered high priority.

Whenever these ad networks are strong & growing quickly that they could possibly have the ability to bring a stand, but when growth slows down the stock prices crumble, data protection becomes important through downsizing when morale is ruined & talent flees. Further, making alternative revenue streams becomes vital”to conserve the company” even if it means selling user information to harmful dictators.

The other risk of such tracking is the way that information may be used by other parties.

Spooks favored to use the Google cookie cutter to spy on customers. And now Google permits personally identifiable web tracking.

Data is being used in all sorts of crazy ways the advertising networks are oblivious of. These mad policies are not confined to other countries. Purchasing dog food with your credit card can lead to pet licensing charges . Even merry”wellness” programs can include surprises.

Want to learn what the future looks like?

For starters…

About two months ago I saw a Facebook article done on behalf of a friend of mine. Gofundme was the plea. Her insurance wouldn’t cover her treatment unless the full payment was secured in a progress and physicians would not start the treatment. Really? Really. She was gainfully employed, had a complete time, well paying job. But guess what? It wasn’t enough but hundreds of people donated.

She expired this last week. She died not gaining access. She died having to gratify folks for capital to have a opportunity to find access to a different treatment alternative while worrying about being destroyed by her ailment and she died. Just dreadful.

Is this? Individuals compelled to beg friends so that they can get access to medical therapy? Is this the society? Is this?

Click here to read more.


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