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Episode 172: How to Make Chatbots Work for Your Business

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How can you start using chatbots in your marketing strategy to increase conversions, today?

Nehal Kazim is the CEO of Ad Pros Marketing and an expert in Facebook marketing. He’s figured out how to use ManyChat for Facebook Messenger to increase conversions—and he shares how you can apply these tactics to your business.

Nehal walks us through the 4 steps of a successful Messenger Bot Campaign. He explains the ManyChat growth tools to use for specific products, how to use chat to drive cold traffic, and triggers to use to increase your discovery.


  • The most undervalued part of Chatbot Campaigns and how to use it to increase sales
  • The 4 steps of a Chatbot Campaign plan and the strategies you can use to convert prospects into customers inside of the chat
  • The comment-to-messenger tactics that Facebook will reward you for, and ones that it will punish you for
  • Why focusing on just 1 sequence within your chat will help launch your campaign


Get the slides here!
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