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DFS Marketing, Inc.-Julian Dougharty teaches Internet Marketing & Sandler Selling System

DFS Marketing, Inc. Founder/President Julian Dougharty informs Million Dollar Annuity Producers about the benefits of internet marketing and explains the Sandler Selling Method. DFS Marketing. Inc. can help you See More People, Make More Money and Provide Better Service To Your Clients.

The Sandler Selling System, developed by David Sandler in 1967, takes a revolutionary approach: when done right, the buyer is convinced that they are the one actually pursuing the deal, not the other way around. A sales cycle requires a mutual level of commitment for both parties.

The initial contact with the buyer, instead of being the usual “sales push” is much more like a conversation. The sales rep is digging deep to discover the issues behind the potential purchase—both corporate and (for the buyer) personal.

In this way, issues that would normally come up and be dealt with later in the sales cycle—such as time and budget constraints—are actually exposed right up front. Once all objections have been laid bare and fully discussed, the rep assesses whether or not this deal is truly right for the prospect. Honesty definitely plays a role here, for if the rep can see that the product or service isn’t right for this particular buyer and company, they let the deal go.

The basic goal is to:

a) Convince the buyer that they have technical issues that could be solved by the seller’s product

b) Create a conviction of the seller that fulfilling those needs is a high priority, not only for the company but for the prospective clients themselves.

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