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CPC & Impressions mean NOTHING for Internet Marketing | E-comm University

Run from any company who is selling you on cost of impressions for CPC for your business. It doesn’t matter! E-Comm University epsisodes are every Thursday. One of these day’s we’ll be able to do them live, until then… let me know of any topics you want covered.

With doing over 13 million in eCommerce only sales and revenue of products sales on Shopify, Amazon, Click Funnels, etc… I give you an inside look on what it takes to scale to millions.

Goal: Give people the knowledge they need to be where they want to be. Think of me as your ecommerce consultant or ecommerce mentor.

I’ve done eight figures of online sales in physical products on Shopify, then 7 figures in digital products, drop shipping, amazon and courses.

Mon | The E-Comm Formula
Tue | Scale To Millions
Wed | The Aquifrr Method
Thur | E-Comm University
Fri | #GOBIG Friday
Sat | Product Launch Saturday
Sun | The Sunday Start

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