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The Zen of Headline Writing

The headline is the molecular unit of optimization. If you can write a good headline, you already have a good understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing. Moreover, a headline represents one of the best ways for the marketer to achieve a major lift with a (dev-free) minor change. In …

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Episode 41: What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Selling in 2019 w/ Marcus Murphy and Jarrod Glandt

This post was originally published on this siteThis short and sweet episode of The Digital Marketer Podcast is brought to you from the Traffic & Conversion Summit. In this episode, Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales at Cardone Enterprises, talks with DigitalMarketer’s Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Marcus Murphy. He …

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Value Sequencing Decider Graphic

Expressing value is the core of marketing. But you shouldn’t express the same value messages at every point of the customer journey or to every customer. Different people need to understand different elements of your product or service’s value at different points. Complex, I know. But let’s try to have …

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